​Finance your life's needs with
percent-of-income PAYEments.
No more repossessions or credit destruction
with a flexible charging method
for people with erratic incomes
through Boom & Bust, Trickle & Gush !

Explaining %AYE 

Instead of lock-step, rigid, fixed amounts as installment payments, which can collapse at every economic downturn, Percentage As You Earn PAYEments are contractually a percentage of your income reflecting a floating amount each month based on what you earn.  You can pay it off early, or even ask for more time.  PAYE works for every income level.   
If You Are An Investor or Lender
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Secure Your Investment

In uncertain times what counts most is security.  Percentages As You Earn is good for everyone. 

This is true for people who were put at risk when making major purchases and it is also true for those who loan the money so those purchases can be made. 

To quote Economist Milton Friedman, "If the only thing certain in business ins uncertainty, then it only makes sense to create our financial structures as flexible, being able to adapt to uncertainty."

By accepting that disruptions happen in all of our lives we minimize insecurity, allowing all of us to move forward with confidence and dignity.   

Bill Clinton, just a few years out of Yale Law School, paid off his loan in total, saving money on interest.  

You, as an investor, will know the rate of loss on a PAYE loan is lower than any other investment you can make.  We know this from multiple instances and over periods of decades.  Only three of Bill Clinton's fellow 'class' of 2,600 PAYE Loan recipients even considered not repaying the loan in full.  But in the end every single one paid their loan off in full.  

Contact us for more information on an investment which enriches every one of us, building trust, confidence, and prosperity.  

Percentages As You Earn, PAYE, should have happened decades ago.  Now, we need it desperately in a world where insecurity has become an increasingly accepted part of our lives.  

Milton Friedman, William E. Simon, Jack Kemp, Art Laffer, Vernon Jordon, individuals who supported its use from the 1980's on, understood the difference this can make in the lives of the marginalized, disadvantaged, and at risk.    

PAYE is not charity, which is one of its benefits.  PAYE allows everyone of us to rebuild our lives, prosperity, and hope.  

The time has come for real change.  
PAYE Takes on Homelessness
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