Vehicles & Tools 
The acquisition of vehicles and tools is essential to farming and other professions which require tools and vehicles which represent major purchases.  

In this section we introduce you to the advantages of Percentage As You Earn (%AYE) as the finance tool for finance in your professional life.  

If your wheat crop sufferes from hail you can lose your equipment because you cannot pay rigid, fixed payment on an amortization schedule.  Using %AYE you pay nothing that year and have time to recover but the water in the ground the next year will give you, and the lender, a bumper crop.  Lenders prosper with you in the good times, rewarded for their patience in the bad times, nor do they have any negative administrative costs for instance skip-tracing, repossessings, auctioning,, nor trying to sell items in a down market.  
What good does your wheat combine do sitting in your bank's parking lot?  What good does it do the bank there?  It ought to be out in your bumper crop field reaping profits for all.  

In bad times farmers, and others who are professionally dependent on such vehicles and tools, can lose them, effectively being put out of business.  %AYE is the only system for purchase, integrating financing, insurance and flexibility, which secures you against any such calamity.  

In addition, %AYE is immune to inflation, a point which is due serious consideration in today's economy.  

We are now in the process of presenting our financial tools to the financial community, including banks and Credit Unions.  Contact us to ensure your own usual provider is contacted. 

William H. Donaldson
Chairman of the NY Stock Exchange, volunteered to be courier for the PAYE Medical Finance Insurance CompreHealthcare Corp. Prospective to the Clinton Economic Summit, presenting this to Vernon Jordon and Bill & Hillary Clinton.