%AYE Mortgage Conversions & New PAYE Contracts
​The only thing certain in business, or in life,  is uncertainty.

 Installments payments, paid in fixed amounts, are a relatively recent innovation, having begin with  the 1845 business model that Issac Singer used to lower the cost-impact to sell sewing machines in “twelve easy short-term monthly payments.” 

For major purchases fixed-payments fails 24% of the time because those making the payments experience problems common to all of us.  Today, the impact from foreclosures is well understood, with the resulting bankruptcies and homelessness and dislocation still traumatizing millions of Americans.  

Although these facts are well known in the world of finance fixed-amount payments continue to be the norm.  But there is a better way, one which provides stability to both lender and borrower.

Percentage As You Earn (%AYE) follows the example of early American practices, allowing the borrower to pay
a percentage of their income instead of a fixed amount each month.  When the amount of income changes, the payment follows this drop.   If the borrower loses their job and has no income no payment is due.   

In good times, when the borrower is earning more the lender receives a larger payment.  

In this way, there is never a foreclosure and no one loses their home.  

The benefits of PAYE finance are no repossessions ever again for borrowers. Businesses also benefit, profiting more from erratic productivity of PAYE financed customers than they do when absorbing losses caused by foreclosure.  

The contract between borrower and lender is not broken, leaving credit intact.  Collectors won’t have to skip trace or hunt for a person hiding from a seller or financier because the customer can’t make a monthly payment. 

Mortgages can be paid off early, if the borrower wishes.  The rate of interest is determined by econometric averaging, just like any other loan.  

Question:  So why would anyone choose a loan with is not on the PAYE system?  Answer:  Until now, no one was offering them.  Now, watch that change.  

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Jack Kemp 

Used PAYE as the head of HUD As head of Habitat for Humanity and More than Houses he raised $596 Million to allow Americans to purchase homes.