Human Investments in College & Training 

College costs on a fixed amortization table, are condemning students to a lock-step, life-time of debt, and destruction of credit when they cannot pay any month's installment.  The use of fixed payments for deferred tuition emphasizes the inherent problems with the present system for financing major purchases.  Principal, interest, time-value of somebody else's money, and insurance on our College Expenses Postponement Option (CEPO), are all finansured to both lenders' and borrowers' self-interest.  Both are able and willing to maintain a continuum-of-contact because PAYEments are based on percentages of post- graduate income for different amounts of years depending on how costly your major is.  

CEPO Loans have been used successfully for over 35 years by Duke and Yale, the latter including a law student named Bill Clinton who was proud enough of the experience to devote four pages to it in his book, "My Life." Terms in 1970 were 0.35% of post-graduate income for every thousand dollars borrowed, thus if you borrow $10,000 your PAYEment would be 3.5% of your quarterly income for either 15, 20, or 35-years depending on whether, for example, you were a Medical, Business, or Art major. There were no defaults among those 2600 students.  

Today, all majors are covered with our econometric calculations. Those historical Tuition Postponement Options were originally designed to invite women and minorities into the Ivy League. They actually PAYEd more to the Capital Fund than they reported on their IRS 1040. In 1970 the lenders expected women in the year 2000 to only be 10% of the work force and thus made quite a profit from the 50% of women who received loans. The invention of computer graphics caused art students to be more profitable than surgeons. So, if you ever think you are paying too much in an amount by Percentage-Of-Income, you can always opt out to an amortization table with interest.  By using %AYE,  your college becomes much more interested in keeping your business, instead of treating you like a serf.  Nor will a bank view you an excuse to receive a government subsidy on inevitable default.  You will be treated with dignity and respect, as a consumer. 

We reviewed the problems faced by students, and those seeking degrees or training; and as %AYE financiers, saw several issues in need of solutions.  

First. The rising cost of tuition is only one problem caused by government subsidies and guarantees to banks that are unnecessary because it is hard to repossess an education.  Depending on the degree you are seeking, inflexible terms can make it impossible to ever pay off the loan.  We have a solution for this problem as well.  To hear more about it visit Solutions TV.  

Second.  Since payments on your student loan start as soon as you graduate, many find themselves unable to even begin paying on their loan.  This is not a problem with %AYE finansured loans, because we expect it will take time to build up your income.  This is exactly the circumstance anticipated, widely known as real life.  This can include absence of income during unemployment, pregnancy, or investing time on a profitable and exciting innovation in your garage.  Hewlett, Packard, Wozniack, Jobs, Allen, Gates and Ellison started in just such circumstances.  Quitting college was the option each was impelled to choose, when each admitted they could have learned something from professors.  

Third.  At the same time you take out a %AYE CEPO Loan for your education, you also receive membership in Health Portal, a mutual insurance company, to ensure you are covered and pre-existing problems with your health are treated.  It is in your interest, and in ours, to know you are not fighting health issues while in college or afterward.  Go here for more information on Health Portal 

Fourth.  OK, you have tuition and medical insurance handled.  What about a place to live and food?  This can be ruinous to academic planning, and also require you to move each semester or quarter, another expense.  We have a solution so you do not have to hold an irrelevant job to your major while in school. Indeed, Human Investments in Higher Education (HI-ED), and Tooling For Vocations (TFV) can create jobs and cutting-edge companies.  

One solution is a full-timer residence vehicle (RV) designed with students in mind.  These are new, economical, sturdy, and provide the privacy and quiet all too rare in the lives of most students.  The RV is delivered to you at school, and the space in a Student Park comes with the package.  RVs are often a trailer with a tow vehicle which can be disconnected for your local transport, or used to haul it for field internships.

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