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Health Portal
Health, Wellbeing & Prosperity
A Free Market Solution for HealthCare
Dedicated to the memory of Jack Kemp
Starting with the Hard Case – Affordable Health Care
For the Homeless

Health Portal is the entry point for our Percentages As You Earn (%AYE), approach to providing affordable health care and housing to all Americans.  

Percentages As You Earn (%AYE) is a proven approach to major purchases, providing stability as it is built to assume flexible payments, reflecting the ups and downs in our lives. %AYE finansurance was used by Jack Kemp in 1989 when he, as head of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), he sold federally owned low income housing to residents with very erratic incomes. Residents would not, normally, have been able to purchase any home. None of these were foreclosed. In a financial environment where 24% of all such contracts, from all income levels, routinely go into default, this was amazing.  

Jack Kemp was a man of principles, and courage, who is sadly missed today. As CEO of Habitat for Humanity, he raised $596M for his campaign, “More than Houses,” and opened 100 Habitat offices worldwide using %AYE, which he learned of from our CEO, Brock d’Avignon.  

The first thing the homeless need is housing. With us, they get it and own it.  

If the free market can crack this nut, providing housing, the highest quality of care, personal choice, and better health for the most disadvantaged; why would any American, at any income level, choose something more expensive and risky? Health Portal provides health, stability and prosperity to its clients and members.  

We Accept all Pre-Existing Conditions – and we understand the reasons for homelessness and the economic policies which added families to their number at a rate of over 50% since 2003.  

The overwhelming majority of problems confronting half of low-income, homeless Americans are self-medicating with drugs and alcohol and for most of these the origin of their condition was the fraud which made them homeless, foreclosure using fixed-payment mortgages.  

These addictions are, in large part, caused by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The use of drugs and alcohol arises as self-medication as Americans face the traumas delivered by an economic system which ignores the hazards it creates. Users are attempting to alleviate the depression, fear, and anxieties of PTSD which make effective action impossible and like victims of war, deserve our compassion and understanding.

As these conditions continue, the impacted person begins to experience health problems arising from these behaviors and begins to have chronic problems with their health, causing deeper depression.  

The downward spiral has begun, but can be halted and turned around with the intervention available through Health Portal and our other programs.

The Health Portal includes treatment for PTSD and an overall improvement in health using technologies known to work well in a broad range of applications. We make sure they are available across America as part of our program.  

Our initial approach includes four components. These are improved nutrition, neurofeedback, as intervention for any existing PTSD, and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), to alleviate existing health problems. These are carried out in conjunction with an exercise regimen suitable to the individual designed with the advice of a fitness trainer.

Our being paid depends on our clients being healthy and ready to become more prosperous. Our model works best because it depends on keeping our members healthy.

Because of the Housing First programs carried out in Utah and the University of North Carolina Charlotte (UNCC), we know that the cost of homelessness drops sharply when individuals are provided with their own housing.

The UNCC study states, “Housing these people led to dramatic cost savings that more than paid for the cost of putting them in decent housing, including $1.8 million in health care savings from 447 fewer ER visits (78% reduction) and 372 fewer hospital days (79% reduction). Tenants also spent 84 fewer days in jail, with a 72% drop in arrests.

Moore Place (homeless facility cited in the UNCC study cost $6 million in land and construction costs, and tenants are required to contribute 30% of their income (mainly benefits) towards rent. The remainder of the $14,000 per tenant annually is covered by donations and local and federal funding. According to the UNCC study, that $14,000 pales in comparison to the costs a chronically homeless person racks up every year to society — a stunning $39,458 in combined medical, judicial and other costs.”

In parallel, formerly homeless individuals become increasingly prosperous. The North Carolina Study stated, “Moore Place) is enabling the formerly homeless to find their own sources of income. Without housing, just 50% were able to generate any income. One year after move-in, they're up to 82%. And after an average length of 7 years of homelessness, 94% of the original tenants retained their housing after 18 months, with a 99% rent collection rate.”

This outcome took place without the interventions we offer. The homeless of America are just people struggling to cope with traumatic circumstances. When health is restored all of us are capable of much more. Therefore, providing them with the means to achieve this change more rapidly is a good Human Investment (HI), with a significant return to both our investors and to the borrower.

Lender and borrower maintain contact throughout their contract. Sometimes 17% of Zero is Zero; Sometimes 17% is a significant dollar amount. This human contact is elemental to the Human Investments mission. The return on investment must be counted in both financial and human terms, which serves to bring people together.

Using %AYE as a means for funding Health Portal, the purchase of housing, and education, if this is desired, the time to real prosperity for the individual can be cut sharply. As part of our Health Portal Program we also provide, as therapy, workshops in various professions and vocations so our clients can see potential vocations which they may find inviting. Using the laptop, which will also be made available to them, they can also look for opportunities themselves.

Since this is, at the same time, saving government the costs of the present failing system for social services, we anticipate a drop in taxes and regulatory intervention which has burdened small business across America. 

Owning their own home has been beyond the grasp of far too many Americans. By alleviating the problems the homeless face today Human Investments makes it possible members to buy their home using %AYE, which guarantees they will never again be displaced. They can also move into other housing using the same loan, as their prosperity grows.

Health, Prosperity, and Hope, we want everyone to have these.