Staying Healthy and financially Secure
William E. Simon, Senior 

To Brock d'Avignon: “This is the best thing I have ever heard of since God, Mother and Apple Pie!” Fmr SecretaryUS Treasury
Staying healthy and the means you are using is ready to change with the advent of Percentages As You Earn (%AYE), medical finansurance, and our Health Portal, a mutual finansurance approach which has been proven, over life-times, to work for people of all income levels.  Our approach doubles the security and provides you with a membership which puts you in control of your health choices in preventative, curative, preferred research and human investments in your life.  

Visit Health Portal for information on how this works and go to our %AYE page for a simple explanation of this exciting innovation for real health security funding, affordable to all of us all the time.  Also visit %AYE History to see the steps taken to bring this better system to you now.  Country doctors and shop owners once understood the impact of seasonal  and variable incomes on the ability of people to pay immediately.  Physicians and merchants, dependent on those who used their services, knew it was better to wait to be paid.  Today, we call this flexible payments tied to the percentage of income the customer is earning.  This is true for all of us at all levels of income.  

Today, we are reclaiming the wisdom which built trust between people and put caring before rigid, immediate, payments.  

Health Portal