Brock d'Avignon

Brief Biography

Daniel (Brock) d’Avignon has moved between disciplines as he studied the interfacing systems, identifying potential avenues for altering the brittle and dysfunctional financial tools now in use in the early 21st Century.  

As is true with all original thinkers, d’Avignon understood the need to also thoroughly understand the existing institutions and tools before meaningful transitions could take place. These areas for disruption and transition include financial instruments, insurance and reinsurance, monetary systems, and both electronic and 400 years of past forms of income-contingent repayment for human investments.  

The most recent of these long-term research projects took d’Avignon into cutting-edge educational forms with Real Client Project-Based Learning for the young as a method for allowing the rapid adoption of innovations outside the rigid forms of academia.  

An understanding of these discovered facts became Human Investments Marketing (HIM), and Human Equity Resources (HER), of which Percentage As You Earn (%AYE) is one significant part. Below is a brief listing of the areas in which d’Avignon focused to build what has become transitional mediums for change from the current inhumane, brittle, infrastructure to one more suited to a necessarily flexible and caring future for human prosperity and peace.  

Percentage As You Earn (PAYE) Finance Mortgage Conversion Specialist 
pioneering percentage-of-income finance of housing, collegiate tuition, vehicles and finansurance systems of medical care and inflation-proof loans.  Provided studies and analysis to Jack Kemp, William E. Simon, Senior,  Milton E. Friedman, William H. Donaldson, Vernon Jordan,  Bill and Hillary Clinton, Jerry Brown, Mel Miller, Dallin Oaks, Jeffrey Holland,Sir Charles (Chuck Masefield), Vice President for Public Relations for United United States Steel, COO for Geneva Plant, Barlow, Leonard Read, and Art Laffer, 

Percentage As You Earn (PAYE) Finance & Finansurance Econometrician, Historian, Financiercareer 
100 Bonanza Size Ranches for Sale, Parcelization, and Global Marketing2 years
Business Brokerage Sales, Mergers & Acquisitions, Venture Capital, Business Plans2 years 
Geo-Political Research & Internet Cause-Marketing to National Governors Association2 years
Creative Advertising Director, PR Campaign, & Worldwide Web eCommerce Sales 4 years
Advanced Space Technology Global Sales Strategist and Marketing Director3 years
AeroTech New Business Development Proposal Manager Level One to ISO 90014 years
PhoneVoter Satellite TV Network: Executive Producer, Director, Shows, CG, & Servers,
Radio/Satellite TV/ Film writer, Host: Presidential Candidates as clients3 years
Theme park venue creator and worlds fair consultant 1 year
Distant Learning, Independent Study Private School Principal Among Teachers4 years 
Academic Philanthropy Developer for real client Community Based Learning (CBL)2 years
Teacher: Technology Education, Social Sciences, and Full-Curriculum grades 7-12 16 years
Entrepreneur: Shortwave Radio Devices, saturated markets across the free world3 years
Newspaper Editor / Publisher, TV News Director / Writer 2 years